Alumni Spotlight

Elizabeth Ray

Heritage Class of 2011
  • North Atlanta High School Class of 2015

    At North Atlanta, Elizabeth was Captain of the Golf Team, Editor in Chief of the school paper, Captain of the Debate Team, Senior Class President and involved in leadership in other organizations as well.

  • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

    Elizabeth is a Sophomore and is majoring in Peace, War and Defense with a concentration in National and International Defense and Security and minoring in Arabic. At UNC Elizabeth is writing for two political journals, The Carolina Review and The Hill. She serves on the Policy Outreach Committee for Student Government and is the undergraduate chair for the International Affairs Advisory Council. She also is able to find time to be a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority. Last summer, she interned for Senator John McCain, working on voter outreach in his reelection campaign.

  • Elizabeth’s comments about Heritage:

    Something that is so fundamental for a Heritage student is being well mannered and polite. That's a core tenant that goes along with being a Heritage student and it really makes you stand out. I loved all the extracurricular activities Heritage had. Some of them come and go but the chess club was super fun and the golf team. I also loved all of our Heritage trips. Going to DC and Savannah. They were a great way to spend time with your teachers and develop relationships with all of your classmates and friends and do fun things all in the Heritage environment.

    Heritage prepared me so spiritually well. You go into high school knowing exactly who you are and exactly who you are in your faith. I never felt persecution but you just feel different sometimes. That’s ok it's a good different.

    I took Arabic in high school and I had the opportunity to study abroad in Morocco. I lived with a Muslim family for a couple of months. I was so confident in my faith. I could share it with them and have an interesting conversation. Heritage prepares you so well for so many different things.

    I’m thankful for Heritage Teachers incorporating Christ into everyday lessons and consistently reiterating a message of the Christian faith.

Hannah Rae Faulk

Heritage Class of 2008
  • Whitefield Academy Class of 2012

    At Whitefield Academy, Hannah Rae was involved in the Dramatic Society with parts in the One Act Play and Spring Musical every year and won the GHSA Best Actress Award in the One Act Play her senior year. She was also on the Honor Council, in the National Honor Society, and won many awards for excellence in her classes.

  • Auburn University Class of 2016

    Hannah Rae graduated Summa Cum Laude from Auburn with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre and a minor in French. While there, she was involved in the Auburn Players, the French Club and the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority. Hannah Rae was also able to study abroad in France and has studied at CAP21 in New York.

  • Hannah Rae’s comments about her time at Heritage:

    One of the biggest takeaways I got from Heritage was the love of learning. One of my favorite things about Heritage is that you are able to incorporate Christ into learning and how each subject relates to another one. That instilled in me a passion for learning and helped me do well in high school and college, and desire to take courses outside of my own specific major.

    Your teachers become your mentors in middle school. It's a cool thing. I remember more life stories being shared, getting advice about the future, what the real world looks like, and what curve balls are going to be thrown at us. Just the freedom to open up that conversation is very important.

    I loved Fine Arts Day. It was my favorite. That is what really made me want to do Musical Theatre. Getting to perform, becoming used to presenting myself in front of an audience, and working together as a team, that was my favorite.

Michele Ridgeway

Heritage Class of 2009
  • The Lovett School Class of 2013

    At Lovett, Michele was involved in Speech and Debate, Baking Club, varsity gymnastics, Service Club, Creative Writing Club, Origami Club and the National Honor Society.

  • University of Georgia Class of 2017

    Michele is an English and English Education double major with a Latin minor. At UGA she has been involved in Leadership of RUF (Reformed University Fellowship), a small group leader for youth at Redeemer Presbyterian, Students for Life and Eta Sigma Phi (Latin Association). After graduation she hopes to teach Middle School English.

  • Michele’s comments regarding her time at Heritage:

    One of the biggest takeaways from Heritage was the love of learning that they instilled here and especially the idea that you don’t have to divorce academia and your faith.

    I love to write. Heritage did a really good job of instilling that love of writing and the love of reading too, just for the sake of writing and reading. I found myself better prepared in college and high school for writing assignments, essays-more so than most of my peers. Heritage did a really good job with that especially with the grammar stage, laying down the basics before setting us up to go off on our own and to discover our own writing styles.

    Fine Arts Day was awesome for preparing us. I was on the speech and debate team and I was president my senior year. I had a lot of fun with that. Heritage was so good at preparing us to speak in front of other people.

    Heritage did a good job preparing us in elementary school to focus our minds on things greater than what is on TV. In Middle school we had the freedom to talk about things that were going on in the world. Heritage did a good job of emphasizing that your faith will be challenged. Those conversations do happen and being able to articulate your faith in a non-Christian world is a very big deal.

Thomas Hoover

Heritage Class of 2013
  • Pace Academy Class of 2017

    At Pace Academy Thomas has been on the Football, Baseball and Mountain Biking teams. He has also been selected for Orchestra Pit for Theater productions. He has won the Global Leader Award and serves as a Student Support Leader. Thomas was a finalist in the Social Entrepreneurship Competition. After graduation, Thomas plans to study engineering in college.

  • Thomas’ comments about his time at Heritage:

    Relationships at Heritage cannot be beat. Each of the teachers cares about each student. They care not only that the students succeed at Heritage but that they succeed in life. Classes build relationships with teachers that can last far past graduation. I’m still in touch with my Heritage Middle School teachers.

    Heritage also builds friendships like no other school can. Even though I have been at another school for the past 4 years, my best friends remain my Heritage friends. I have friends from my high school but my friendships from Heritage are so sharp from iron sharpening iron, they cannot be broken.

    My education here was full of thought provoking debates and analysis. We would have debates in logic class on almost anything whether it was predestination and free will, or who would get the top locker. In English class we would analyze classic novels in fun and creative ways. I still remember making a video of a scene from the Hobbit and sharing it with the class.

    Sports at Heritage were also a huge part of my development. I was on a football team in high school where they eventually won the state championship and I played high school baseball for four years. Nothing has compared to the camaraderie, sportsmanship, character and just good fun I had playing Heritage basketball.

John Simoneaux

Heritage Class of 2010
  • The Marist School Class of 2014

    At Marist John played Football and Baseball, was involved as a Retreat Leader and Peer Leader, attended Fellowship of Christian Athletes and was in the National Honor Society.

  • Georgia Institute of Technology

    John is in his third year at Georgia Tech and is majoring in Civil Engineering. He is involved with Campus Outreach, The Kappa Alpha Order and is a student manager of the Baseball team.

  • John’s comments regarding his time at Heritage:

    I started in EI and my biggest takeaway was realizing how every aspect of your life should be centered around Christ and the goal of it should be to glorify God. It’s something that I’m carrying on through high school and college.

    I think Heritage prepared me really well. It provided me with such a great base and an example of what a community that follows Christ looks like. It was a great example of that and what friends that push you towards Christ look like. When I got to Marist I strived after that.

    I’m thankful that Heritage Teachers were an example of Christ to us. That’s such a valuable thing for a child to see growing up-an example of someone pursuing after Christ. It is rare in society today but so valuable and such a good resource to look back on. You can model yourself after them because you grow up watching them. I’m very thankful for that.

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