frequently asked questions

  • How big is the school?

    We have 134 students and 30 faculty members and administrators. Long term, we plan to keep Heritage small to maintain the quality of education and the unique atmosphere.

  • What is your student-to-teacher ratio?

    Our average student-to-teacher ratio is 12:1. Class sizes are small so that each student will receive individual attention and have abundant opportunities to participate and lead.

  • What are the distinctives of Heritage's approach to education?

    Heritage was founded to provide a distinctly Christ-centered education, characterized by academic excellence and joyful discovery within a classical framework.

  • How involved are the parents?

    Parents are expected to play an active role in their children’s education. This means that time at home should practically reinforce what is learned in school from academics to spiritual and character developments. Parents are also expected to give of their time volunteering as well as to support the school’s Annual Fund.

  • I want to know more about the school. What is next after reviewing this website?

    Please contact our Admissions Office to attend one of our campus tours and observations. Seeing the school makes all the difference. Also, be sure to attend one of our Open Houses.

  • What is your discipline policy?

    Heritage seeks to provide an environment in which Christian behavior is demonstrated and lived out in all aspects of the school day. Consistency and positive reinforcement are the primary means by which the faculty motivates good behavior. In cases of misconduct, the least serious infractions are handled by the classroom teacher; however, a student’s persistence in demonstrating unacceptable behavior will elevate discipline to an administrative level.

  • Is Heritage going to have a high school?

    Our current focus is on delivering an Enrichment-Class 8 education with excellence. However, we are currently engaged in the process of determining the feasibility of adding a high school.

  • Do you have a cafeteria?

    While we do not have a cafeteria, students have the opportunity to purchase a hot lunch through a partnership with Smart Lunches.

  • Does Heritage have a school library?

    Yes. Heritage has its own library and librarian and has over 5000 volumes of quality literature and media resources.

  • How can I find out about carpools?

    We encourage parents to form carpools with other Heritage families in their area. Families drive to Heritage from all over the extended metro Atlanta area. There is a good chance that there are other Heritage families in your area. We will be glad to assist you in identifying these individuals.

  • What church sponsors Heritage?

    Heritage is not affiliated with any church or denomination.

  • What do I need to know about school uniforms?

    Students must be clean, well-groomed, and conservatively dressed in uniform on campus and at all school functions. Students must also have conservative hair styles. We have established our policy on uniforms to encourage a tasteful and modest lifestyle.

  • What is "Enrichment"?

    The Heritage Enrichment program is designed for children ages 4-6. We believe that our Enrichment students are better prepared to enter the Lower School (Classes 1-5) than students who have not been a part of our Enrichment program. However, attending an Enrichment class does not guarantee admission into the Lower School.

  • What is the average amount of time that students will spend on homework?

    Generally, homework assignments will be made Monday through Thursday for Classes 1-4, Monday through Friday for Classes 5-8. Approximate times to be spent on homework per day for the average student are the following:

    • Class 1: 30 minutes
    • Class 2: 40 minutes
    • Class 3: 50 minutes
    • Class 4: 60 minutes
    • Classes 5-8: 90 minutes

    This time is the average for the class; actual time may vary according to the pace at which the student works. These time allotments for homework do not include corrections, unfinished work from class, or daily outside reading from the required reading list.

  • Why do Enrichment students only attend two or three mornings a week?

    We believe that early childhood training begins at home. While we work diligently to develop a child’s reading and writing skills, helping a child lead themselves, learning self-control and obedience establishes a foundation upon which future academic skills are built. We believe this is a very unique philosophy among Christian schools.

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