To provide an academically rigorous educational experience designed to help students know, love, and practice that which is true, good, and excellent and to prepare them to live purposefully and intelligently in the service of God and man.


To be a school known for graduates who positively shape culture through their faith and intellect.

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Think with excellence, believe with confidence, live with character.

Think with Excellence

Thinking with excellence represents our vision for every student to develop a passion for knowledge and inquisitive thinking, and as a result gain the ability to see the true, good, and beautiful and apply that learning to daily life and future academic pursuits.

Believe with Confidence

Heritage has a vision for every student to know Jesus Christ through a confident knowledge of Scripture and to be prepared to boldly live out his or her faith compassionately in the modern world.


Heritage focuses on the integration of faith and life. Heritage acknowledges Jesus Christ as Lord over all of life and the Bible as the final authority in matters of life and thought.

Statement of Faith

Heritage faculty, staff, and families share a common Christian, orthodox faith that allows for consistency between home and school.

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Worldview Development

All academic subjects are taught as parts of an integrated whole with scripture at the center. Students are encouraged to become “thinking Christians” and to develop a solid biblical worldview. Each week, students gather for Chapel. Classroom discussions provide opportunities for students to discuss their faith across all academic disciplines.

Mentoring and Advisors

Classroom teachers focus on each student, paying particular attention to their social and spiritual needs. In Middle School, teachers also serve as advisors for students.

Family Bible Readings

Parents are encouraged to follow a particular Bible reading program at home. Teachers include this material in classroom discussions the next day, again integrating home and school.

Preserving Innocence

Most children, in American society, grow up too fast. At Heritage, their innocence is protected during Lower School. In Middle School students begin to address culturally relevant issues so that they are prepared to engage the culture and defend their faith.

Live with Character

Heritage expects students to learn to respect authority and to develop a desire to serve others with words and actions driven by a heart of gratitude.

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