Beyond the Classroom


Heritage recognizes that God has gifted students in a variety of ways, and one of those ways is in physical abilities. Our athletic program is designed to provide students the opportunity to develop those gifts through offering a variety of athletic clubs and teams as well as through our physical education program. Furthermore, Heritage established its athletic program on the concept that “our bodies are not our own” in that we were bought with a price and therefore our bodies should be a “temple of the Holy Spirit.” Upon this premise, our goal is to inspire and motivate an enjoyment of physical activity that will last a lifetime, so that when our best is needed, we can deliver our best for His best.

Heritage believes athletics and physical training produce lifelong results in students, strengthening the body, mind, and character. Practices and games provide students the opportunity to learn self-discipline, teamwork, leadership, time management, and develop motor-skills and fundamentals, as well as instill a spirit of healthy competition. Athletics at Heritage start with physical education classes for students in Classes 1-8, combined with a variety of extra-curricular athletic programs for the Class 5 and middle school students (Classes 5-8) and athletic clubs for lower school students (Classes 1-4).

Athletic Teams


  • Coed Cross Country
  • Girls’ Volleyball


  • Boys’ Basketball
  • Girls’ Basketball


  • Girls’ Soccer
  • Golf
  • Tennis

Lower School Clubs

Heritage Preparatory School offers athletic and academic clubs for students in Enrichment II-Class 5. These clubs complement the core curriculum of the school and allow students to pursue increased understanding and competency in a variety of interests. Students have an opportunity to participate in clubs one or two days per week. Clubs are divided into 8-week sessions and meet after school between 2:30 and 3:30 p.m. Additionally, clubs are available for Enrichment II-Class 2 students on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m.

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