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Sixth Grade

Sixth grade is an intentional bridge year between lower and middle school. Students have more opportunities to be involved in athletics, yearbook, speech and debate, and the theater program. Our program was designed to begin shifting responsibility from parents to students in a purposeful manner. Technology is introduced beginning in 6th grade with keyboarding and digital citizenship. Sixth grade students have leadership opportunities as ambassadors at Grandparents Day and begin mentoring a first grade buddy. There are many other distinctive of our sixth grade program. Upon completion of 6th grade, students are ready to enter middle school with confidence and excellence.


Language Arts

Students in 6th grade are involved in a more advanced study of English grammar. Students continue to enhance reading comprehension and writing skills.



Students are challenged to demonstrate mastery of mathematical knowledge through applied problems and critical thinking. Some concepts covered in 6th grade include:

  • Relating fractions and decimals
  • Predication and probability
  • Data and statistics
  • Ratio, proportion, and percent
  • Percent applications in relation to finding rate, discounts, sale price, and sales tax
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, with whole numbers, decimals, and fractions
  • Geometrical characteristics of lines, angles, parallel lines, and the angle measures of polygons
  • Units of mass
  • Perimeter and area of quadrilaterals and triangles

Students in 6th grade utilize Singapore Math in Focus curriculum. 


The Veritas History program is used in 6th grade and builds upon what students learned in lower school. Sixth grade students cover the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation time period. 

Heritage uses biographies as well as “living” books covering the lives of historical figures. This enables students to become familiar with the lives of men and women during the time periods being studied.


Students in 6th grade study the following topics:

  • Geology, oceanography, and meteorology
  • Rock cycle, plate tectonics, and oceanic and atmospheric circulation. This is connected to observable details about the Earth and its system.



In sixth grade, students analyze major events in Roman history and discover how the past shapes the present. Meanwhile, students are also learning about past tense verbs for the first time, including the imperfect, perfect, and pluperfect tenses. Sixth grade students prepare for, and participate in, the National Latin Exam.


Sixth grade students are exposed to classical musicians and their works. Students are taught to listen and to hear discriminately in order to begin to understand musical ideas. They also learn to sing, as accurately as possible, and to develop a working knowledge of musical notation.


Students master the elements of art and begin to explore the principles of design – rhythm, pattern, unity, variety, movement, valance, and emphasis. The time period studied in Art align with the periods studied in History. In sixth grade, students study Byzantine, Romanesque, and Gothic artwork. 



Physical Education

The goal of Physical Education is to prepare students for a lifetime of healthy living while training them in activities that will inspire as well as equip them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Heritage believes that the athletic and physical training, in which students regularly participate, will produce lifelong results by strengthening their bodies, minds, and character through discipline, skills acquisition, consistent practice, self-control, and teamwork.

Study Skills & Technology

Study skills and technology skills are an intentional part of the 6th grade weekly schedule. Study skills coursework involves executive functioning skills, time management, and organizational skills. 

Students learn keyboarding and digital citizenship during their first semester of 6th grade. Second semester, students learn the following skills:

Gmail – email etiquette

Google Drive – how to organize folders and assignments

Google Docs – creating and editing documents

Google Slides – creating presentations

Google Classroom – how to submit assignments




Weekly Chapel is planned and implemented to inspire students to learn the joy and importance of worship. Chapel takes place every Friday morning for students in middle and high school. Parents and guests are encouraged to participate.

Heritage students attend churches representing a wide variety of worship styles, from liturgical to traditional to contemporary. Chapel aims to enable students to become better worshippers no matter what their families’ denomination or style of worship may be.

The Chapel experience is a fundamental and distinctive part of Heritage education. Its purpose is to provide the spiritual overtone that should guide students’ decision-making in their daily lives.

Interscholastic Competitions

• Spelling Bees
• Math Olympics
• Creative Writing Contests
• Art Festivals
• ERB Standardized Testing
• The National Latin Exam


Heritage offers various clubs that complement the core curriculum of the school and allow students to pursue increased understanding and competency in a variety of interest. Club offerings include yearbook, speech and debate, and theater.


Students in 6th grade select a specific service project that they will complete during the school year and present as a project report to their classmates in the spring.


The Bible curriculum in 6th grade utilizes the Walking with God and His People series distributed through Christian Schools International.

In sixth grade, students will draw connections between the Old and New Testament through their review and study of Jesus’ ministry, death, resurrection, and ascension.


The education of your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. Thank you for your interest in Heritage. We look forward to meeting you.