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Building the body along with the mind

The philosophy of the Heritage Physical Education Department is to help student athletes achieve a high level of excellence, both on and off the playing field. Heritage’s classical approach is equipping our students for a life of wisdom, virtue, and eloquence through teaching them to recognize and pursue what is true, good, and excellent. Athletic competition provides one particularly productive context for the cultivation of virtue. In the heat of competition and the face of adversity, character is tested and proven. In the midst of this challenge, students have the most practical opportunity to learn wisdom and virtue from both their failures and successes.

“Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last; but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.” 1 Corinthians 9:25

Class Philosophy

The goal of Physical Education is to prepare students for a lifetime of healthy living. Physical Education for all students in grades 1-8 seeks to train students in areas of activities that will inspire as well as equip them to apply this lifestyle inside as well as outside of the classroom. Heritage believes that the athletic and physical training of students on a regular basis will produce lifelong results that strengthen their bodies, minds, and character through discipline, skills acquisition, consistent practice, self-control, and teamwork.

Through purposeful instruction, Heritage educators monitor the progress of students by building on the foundation of the previous year. Over the course of their education at Heritage, students work on developing physical fitness, movement concepts, movement competencies, and self-management.

  • Physical Fitness & Active Lifestyle: Each student should be able to achieve and maintain a healthy level of physical fitness and active lifestyle.
  • Movement Concepts: Each student should be able to demonstrate and apply an understanding of many movement forms and to obtain proficiency in a few of these skills.
  • Self-Management: The student should be able to demonstrate responsible, personal respect of others and social behavior in physical activity settings.

Grades 1-2

• The Physical Education program lays a foundation for life skills, exercise expectations, and basic health awareness.

• Curriculum centers on cardiovascular activities that emphasize balance, agility, and basic skill techniques while encouraging the overall enjoyment of staying fit.

Grades 3-5

• The Physical Education program continues to build on techniques learned in previous years and encourages students to grow in an area of passion or chosen skill.

• Curriculum begins with the transition from skill acquisition to skill performance. Growth is measured both individually and in team-oriented environments.

Grades 6-8

• The Physical Education program continues to push towards advancing overall mastery of life skills and activities.

• Curriculum focuses on skill performance while emphasizing the goals of healthy lifestyle through exercise, individual performance, team activities, and attainable self-initiated goals.

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