Basketball Schedules

Basketball Schedules

Boys - 6th Grade

Date Time Opponent Home/Away
11/8/2022 4:00pm TCS Home
11/15/2022 3:30pm Cottage School Away
11/28/2022 3:30pm NCA Home
12/12/2022 4:00pm Arbor Home

Boys - Middle School (Blue)

Date Time Opponent Home/Away
11/7/2022 5:00pm TCS Home
11/15/2022 4:30pm Cottage School Away
11/16/2022 5:30pm Atlanta Academy Home
11/30/2022 5:00pm Swift Home
12/2/2022 5:30pm William Reed Home
12/5/2022 5:00pm NCA Home
12/7/2022 4:00pm McGinnis Woods Away
12/9/2022 4:30pm Atl Classical Academy Home
12/12/2022 4:15pm Arbor  
1/6/2023 5:00pm Furtah Prep Home
1/10/2023 6:30pm Davis Academy Away
1/12/2023 5:30pm Atl Classical Academy Home
1/17/2023 6:15pm Howard School Home
1/19/2023 4:30pm Faith Lutheran Away
1/24/2023 5:30pm Galloway Away
1/26/2023 5:00pm Eastside Christian Away

Boys - Middle School (White)

Date Time Opponent Home/Away
11/7/2022 5:00pm TCS Home
11/28/2022 5:30pm NCA Home
12/2/2022 3:30pm William Reed Home
12/13/2022 3:30pm William Reed Home
1/4/2023 3:30pm Cottage School Home
1/10/2023 4:30pm Davis Academy Away
1/17/2023 4:15pm Howard School Home
1/26/2023 4:00pm Eastside Christian Away

Boys - Junior Varsity

Date Time Opponent Home/Away
11/11/2022 4:30pm Cristo Rey Away
11/14/2022 4:00pm Howard Away
12/9/2022 5:30pm Atl Classical Academy Away
12/10/2022 11:00am Oak Mountain Away
12/13/2022 4:30pm William Reed Home
1/4/2023 5:30pm Cottage School Home
1/6/2023 6:00pm Furtah Prep Home
1/9/2023 5:30pm Brandon Hall Home
1/12/2023 6:30pm Atl Classical Academy Home
1/18/2023 5:00pm The New School Home
1/27/2023 5:00pm Cristo Rey Home
1/31/2023 6:00pm Weber School Away
2/3/2023 5:00pm Harvester Home
2/7/2023 5:00pm Harvester Away
2/10/2023 5:00pm The New School Away
2/14/2023 7:00pm Atl Jewish Academy Home

Girls - Middle School

Date Time Opponent Home/Away
11/10/2022 4:00pm Annunciaton Day Away
11/15/2022 4:00pm TCS Home
11/16/2022 4:30pm Atlanta Academy Away
11/28/2022 4:30pm NCA Home
12/5/2023 4:00pm NCA Away
12/12/2022 4:00pm Intown Away
1/10/2023 5:30pm Davis Academy Away
1/12/2023 4:30pm Atl Classical Academy Home
1/17/2023 5:15pm Howard School Home
1/24/2023 4:30pm Galloway Away
1/26/2023 4:30pm AIS Home

Girls - Junior Varsity

Date Time Opponent Home/Away
11/11/2022 5:00pm Brandon Hall Away
11/29/2022 5:30pm Weber School Home
12/9/2022 5:30pm Cross Keys Away
12/14/2022 4:00pm Stonehaven Home
1/4/2023 4:30pm Cottage School Home
1/6/2023 7:00pm Furtah Prep Home
1/9/2023 4:00pm Brandon Hall Home
1/21/2023 1:30pm Whitefield Away
1/31/2023 4:30pm Weber School Away
2/3/2023 4:00pm Harvester Home
2/7/2023 4:00pm Harvester Away
2/9/2023 4:30pm Cross Keys Home
2/14/2023 5:30pm Atl Jewish Academy Home


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