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Athletics at Heritage

As a classical school, Heritage is committed to viewing students as whole persons: mind, body, and soul. With this perspective, we value teaching and training each of these aspects of the person, recognizing that the human body is an inseparable union. We believe that the lessons students learn in the classroom can be applied to situations on the basketball court. Principles learned in training for a cross country race, similarly, can be applied to the classroom. Athletics are not merely a tacked-on addition to our school’s educational philosophy; rather, they are an integral part of how we seek to educate students holistically.

Heritage’s classical approach is equipping our students for a life of wisdom, virtue, and eloquence through teaching them to recognize and pursue what is good, true, and beautiful. Athletic competition provides one particularly productive context for the cultivation of virtue. In the heat of competition and the face of adversity, character is tested and proven. In the midst of this challenge, students have the most practical opportunity to learn wisdom and virtue from both their failures and successes.


Metro Atlanta Athletic Conference (MAAC) Championships:

2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Boys Basketball Division Champion
2014, 2015, 2021 Girls Volleyball Division Champion
2014 Girls Soccer Division Champion
2013, 2021 Boys Cross Country Division Champion

Heritage believes athletics and physical training produce lifelong results in students, strengthening the body, mind, and character. Practices and games provide students the opportunity to learn self-discipline, teamwork, leadership, time management, and develop motor skills and fundamentals, as well as instill a spirit of healthy competition. Athletics at Heritage start with physical education classes for all students. They are combined with a variety of extra-curricular athletic programs for middle and high school students and athletic clubs for lower school students. Each program is led by volunteer coaching staff made up of parents and teachers.

Athletic Teams

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Fall Winter Spring
Coed Cross Country Boys’ Basketball Middle School & JV Golf
Girls’ Volleyball Girls’ Basketball Girls’ Soccer
    Boys’ & Girls’ Tennis
    MS & JV Track & Field
    MS Baseball

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