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Heritage places great importance on music appreciation. Each weekly music class focuses on exposing students to traditional and classical music and inspiring them to consider having a personal interest in fine music.

Heritage teaches music from the Enrichment program through Class 9. This process begins with teaching students to listen and hear discriminately in order to understand musical ideas, to sing correctly and as accurately as possible, and to have a working understanding of musical notation. Students also become familiar with the traditional and classical music of our culture. This includes folk songs, classical music composed in the seventeenth through the twentieth centuries, and the historical hymnody of our Christian heritage.

Students learn the “Hymn of the Month.” This hymn is played and studied throughout a given month. Students sing the hymn corporately during weekly Chapel.

Parents of Heritage students are encouraged to expose children at home to classical music (for instance, Heritage encourages parents to play classical music in carpool as a backdrop for healthy discussions).


Art encompasses both aesthetic appreciation and creative expression. As Christians, we acknowledge God as the Ultimate Artist. Humans, being in Imago Dei (image of God), are innately creative. These creative skills need focusing and refining by steady exposure to great works that reflect the true, good, and beautiful.

Unlike many schools where art is simply a place for self-expression, Heritage introduces students to great works of art and filters it through a Christian perspective. Such exploration enables students to experience the intellectual and emotional power of artistic genius while cultivating their own creative potential and aesthetic discernment. Students additionally study artistic methods in various media to learn how to create artistic works of their own.


The performing arts are another means of expressing creativity. Heritage students participate in stage performances of great literature as well as contemporary plays. Each spring, Heritage hosts a Fine Arts Day for the purpose of showcasing visual and performing arts.

The education of your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. Thank you for your interest in Heritage. We look forward to meeting you.

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