Daily Schedule

2022-2023 Daily Schedule

Class Day Time
Enrichment (PreK & Kindergarten) Monday-Friday 8:00am-Noon
Classes 1 – 10 Monday-Friday 8:00am-2:30pm

Morning Devotions

Monday through Thursday, the first part of the day is devoted to liturgy, Bible readings, discussion, and prayer. Class 1-10 have daily Bible readings and devotionals. The Bible reading follows the school devotional that parents are expected to read and discuss at home as a family. Enrichment students are on a separate program, hearing appropriate major Bible stories each morning.

In middle and high school, students have a regular Bible class within the curriculum that fosters a growth in Scriptural knowledge and encourages students to wrestle with difficult passages and Truths in a safe environment.


Every Friday, Heritage gathers as a community for chapel. Lower School chapel consists of Class 1 to Class 5 with each class leading chapel throughout the year. Upper School students attend their own chapel service on Fridays and all-school chapel each month. Chapel consists of Scripture reading, hymns and prayers, as well as a message given by a faculty, student, or staff member. The hope of chapel is to give our school a time of recentering worship as well as to prepare students to be active members of their church one day. Parents, family members, and guests are always welcome at chapel to worship with the student body!

Play Break

The classical model highlights the importance of play in young children’s education, encouraging imagination and physical activity while fostering friendship. To this end, Enrichment and lower school students are given a half-hour break every day midmorning to go outside and play. Some students will engage in make-believe and imaginary games in the woods while others will run their hearts out on the field in a rousing game of soccer.

Class 6 and middle school students also have a midmorning break each day to spend time in fellowship with classmates and teachers.

The education of your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. Thank you for your interest in Heritage. We look forward to meeting you.