John Simoneaux

John Simoneaux

Heritage Class of 2010

The Marist School Class of 2014

At Marist John played Football and Baseball, was involved as a Retreat Leader and Peer Leader, attended Fellowship of Christian Athletes and was in the National Honor Society.

Georgia Tech Class of 2019

John graduated with high honor from Georgia Tech with a degree in Civil Engineering. He was involved with Campus Outreach, The Kappa Alpha Order and was a student manager of the Baseball team. John also participated in Internships in Atlanta, Colorado, Ghana, and Bolivia.


John is working for Kimley-Horn, a planning and design consulting firm in Atlanta.

John’s comments about his time at Heritage:

I started in EI and my biggest takeaway was realizing how every aspect of your life should be centered around Christ and the goal of it should be to glorify God. It’s something that I’m carrying on through high school and college.

I think Heritage prepared me really well. It provided me with such a great base and an example of what a community that follows Christ looks like. It was a great example of that and what friends that push you towards Christ look like. When I got to Marist I strived after that.

I’m thankful that Heritage Teachers were an example of Christ to us. That’s such a valuable thing for a child to see growing up-an example of someone pursuing after Christ. It is rare in society today but so valuable and such a good resource to look back on. You can model yourself after them because you grow up watching them. I’m very thankful for that.