Michelle Bishop

Michelle Bishop

Heritage Class of 2009

The Lovett School Class of 2013

At Lovett, Michelle was involved in Speech and Debate, Baking Club, varsity gymnastics, Service Club, Creative Writing Club, Origami Club and the National Honor Society.

University of Georgia Class of 2017

Michelle is an English and English Education double major with a Latin minor. At UGA she was involved in Leadership of RUF (Reformed University Fellowship), a small group leader for youth at Redeemer Presbyterian, Students for Life and Eta Sigma Phi (Latin Association).


Michelle is our first alumna teacher here at Heritage where she is currently teaching English in Classes Four and Five.

Michelle's comments about her time at Heritage:

One of the biggest takeaways from Heritage was the love of learning that they instilled here and especially the idea that you don’t have to divorce academia and your faith.

I love to write. Heritage did a really good job of instilling that love of writing and the love of reading too, just for the sake of writing and reading. I found myself better prepared in college and high school for writing assignments, essays-more so than most of my peers. Heritage did a really good job with that especially with the grammar stage, laying down the basics before setting us up to go off on our own and to discover our own writing styles.

Fine Arts Day was awesome for preparing us. I was on the speech and debate team and I was president my senior year. I had a lot of fun with that. Heritage was so good at preparing us to speak in front of other people.

Heritage did a good job preparing us in elementary school to focus our minds on things greater than what is on TV. In Middle school we had the freedom to talk about things that were going on in the world. Heritage did a good job of emphasizing that your faith will be challenged. Those conversations do happen and being able to articulate your faith in a non-Christian world is a very big deal.