Whitney Combs

Whitney Combs

Heritage Class of 2014


Whitney taught at North Atlanta High School after completing her master’s program. Now, she is our second alumna teacher here at Heritage where she serves as the Head of the Mathematics department in the high school.

Kennesaw State University Class of 2020

Whitney earned her Master’s degree in Middle and Secondary Mathematics Education while completing her student teaching at Awtrey Middle School.

Furman University Class of 2019

Whitney was a Mathematics major and taught at the local high school her senior year. At Furman, she was a founding member of the 10 Days Campaign and the treasurer of her sorority.

Whitefield Academy Class of 2015

At Whitefield, Whitney was captain of the Cross Country team and was involved in Track & Field and Athletic Training. Whitney was secretary of the Honor Council and involved in the National Honor Society.

Whitney’s comments about her time at Heritage:

“Think with excellence. Believe with confidence. Live with character.” We said these words every morning prior to entering the building when I attended Heritage. Through repetition, these words were ingrained in my head. Through my teachers, these words were ingrained in my heart.

Heritage taught me to love learning, and it gave me a solid foundation in my faith. My teachers encouraged me to ask questions and to think critically and creatively. The passion for their subject matter made class exciting. This love of learning and desire to understand the “why” behind things has followed me to this day. Through this love of learning, I desired to learn more about the Lord and did so through the Bible classes offered and even an outside Apologetics class.

I have much to attribute to Heritage, and I am honored to be a part of the school’s mission.