President’s Post – January 2022

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Dear parents,

We belong to an engaged and unified community.  We see the manifestation of that community in so many ways throughout the year, whether it be at Parent Night, the Fall Auction, or the many and various gatherings of our families as they do life together. These tangible expressions of our community are the result of a common commitment to the unique mission and purpose of Heritage Preparatory School. One example of that is our week-long Spirit Week celebration which will take place on January 18-January 21. What I look forward to most is knowing your children will be “all-in” with their outfits and show up each day with great expectation and commitment to these special days. When your children are given a special opportunity, they always seem to rise to the occasion and embrace it wholeheartedly and enthusiastically.

The truth is, these children have learned this posture from you, their parents. I am so grateful for the “all-in” mentality and culture that has been woven into the fabric of our community. Time and time again, you continue to show up with great expectation and commitment and invest deeply through your time, devotion, resources, and talent for the good of your children and our school. It is an honor to be a part of this great work with you.

I am excited to share with you that your “all-in” mentality and culture has led to yet another milestone in the history of our school. As of today, this community has gone above and beyond with your support of the Heritage Fund and raised $669,372! I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this community’s support of the vision of Heritage Prep. A big thank you to our Heritage Fund co-chairs, Reid Smith-Vaniz and John Ratliff, who did a fantastic job of rallying our community and working hard to meet, and then exceed, our goal of $350,000. However, they could not have accomplished this without your prayers, your generosity, and your shared belief in the mission and purpose of Heritage Preparatory School.  Thank you for leaning in with us in so many ways.

We want to honor and celebrate both you and your children’s commitment to be “all-in” at Heritage Prep. Please join us on Friday, January 21 beginning at 5:00 PM as we end Spirit Week with a parent vs. JV student basketball game and celebrate another great Heritage Fund campaign. We will have complimentary food trucks on campus with the hope of treating and thanking each of you for your generosity!

Grateful to be “all-in” with you,

Matthew H. Skinner