President’s Post – January 2023

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What a great week! From the creative costumes, to the ear-piercing screams of the Ram Jam, this Spirit Week has been the best ever. We can’t talk about Spirit Week, though, without a shout out to the courageous moms and dads who are showing up tonight at 5pm to take on their much younger and, dare I say, much fitter students in a game for the ages. Well, maybe not a game for the ages, probably more like a game for the aged! You don’t want to miss this extravaganza of scintillating basketball!

As I look back over this week, I cannot help but be reminded of the incredible community we get to enjoy at Heritage Preparatory School. It would be really easy to assume that this type of community just happens by chance, that all of the activities, laughter, and joy are simply the result of something organic that required no planning and without any structure. Or that this is the way it is at every school. And that would be a shame, because that could not be further from the truth. What we experienced this week, and what we get to experience each and every week, is the manifestation of an intentional vision created by the founders of this school. We get to stand on their shoulders and enjoy the fruit of their labor, sacrifice, and investment over the years.

The challenge we face as the beneficiaries and stewards of this community is to not take it for granted and to assume that it will always exist. We are all aware of those organizations or institutions that assumed it would always be the same and over time simply drifted. A lack of appreciation for what existed and a culture of complacency settled in and before long, the viscera was removed and all that was left was a taxidermist shell. It looks good on the outside but the inside is vacant. We must guard against falling into this mindset and continue to be vigilant in fighting for what makes Heritage special.

Of course, the primary reason we get to enjoy this community is the Holy Spirit. We are not united around what local church we attend, what worship style we prefer, our politics, or even what version of the Bible we read. Instead, we find our unity in the fact that we are sinners in desperate need of a savior, that Jesus Christ is that savior, and that we have placed our faith and trust in His shed blood. When we are all operating from that foundational truth, unity has the chance to become the byproduct, and community becomes its expression. And what a beautiful and fun expression of that community we experienced this week.

It’s Admissions Season!
It’s hard to believe that we are entering into that time of year when we begin the admissions process. Together with who we hire to come work with us as we seek to fulfill our purpose, and who we invite to come into this community as families are the two most important decisions we make as a school. The most effective marketing tool we have is you. Please be thinking of who would be a great fit for this community and invite them to reach out to Michelle Marriott. Thank you for your continued prayers and support through this critical time of the year!

In Christ,

Matthew H. Skinner