President’s Post – May 2020

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Dear Heritage Family:

I am deeply saddened by the state of our country. By every measure, whether it be physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, it is abundantly clear that we are in need of a Physician.

The events of these last few days and weeks have elicited responses ranging from disbelief to anger to utter disgust. For some in our community, however, the responses come from a much deeper and personal level. I recognize that our African American families, faculty, and staff have a perspective that is painfully personal and attached to experiences that have formed the lens through which they view these events. I want to affirm that the Heritage community loves and stands with each of you.

I have long believed that Christian education is the greatest tool available to the church today to affect change in our culture. I am more convinced of that truth today. It is only through the Gospel of Jesus Christ that we can truly understand the value and dignity of every human life. God’s Word teaches that each individual is created in His image and as such has worth, meaning, and purpose. That transcendent truth creates freedom. Freedom to move forcefully into the purpose for which He has created you. Freedom to come alongside your brother and sister to encourage, support, and defend their life, purpose, and value.

We have often stated that our goal is not for our graduates to get into the right college or get the right job. We desire for our students to become agents of change. To be prepared to engage our society and culture in a winsome manner while shaping it towards the image of Christ. I can think of no greater need in our world today.

We need a physician, the Great Physician, to do a work in and through us to create a future that is different than the one we live in today. I am praying that Heritage Prep will be a dispensary of love, grace, and truth, and that our graduates will embody those traits to impact their culture, shaping it to conform with Truth, and that Truth will set us free.

In Christ,


Matthew H. Skinner