President’s Post – October 2020

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With the election next Tuesday, I thought I’d take this President’s Post to share my thoughts on the two candidates for President of the United States.

Now that I have your attention, what I really want to talk about are two of my favorite words in scripture: but God. Those two words change everything.

…they took Him down from the tree and they laid Him in the tomb. But God (Acts 13:29-30)

…we were dead in our trespasses and sins…But God (Ephesians 2:1, 4)

When we take inventory of all that is going on around us at the moment, we may have a tendency to become pessimistic, cynical, or stressed. Things don’t seem to be going well: the pandemic is still here, as a nation we seem to be more divided than ever, and our culture has completely lost the ability to engage in civil discourse around sensitive topics Is there any hope for us?

But God.

Those two words flip the script and create a completely different narrative. Where there was death, there is now life. What was once hopeless is now certain. What we see from our earthly seat is not what God sees from His heavenly throne. We live down in the trees; God is in command of the forest…indeed the universe. All of the events in our life are simply part of His plan to redeem us. From start to finish, there is nothing outside of His hand. So we can sit back and trust Him to change our story at exactly the right time. All we have to do is be obedient to whatever He is calling us to do. Because even when everything looks like it is going in the wrong direction and things seem out of control, there’s always a “But God.”

Roaring Success!

I hope you enjoyed our Roaring 20’s fall auction last weekend. I was a little anxious to see exactly how a virtual auction would work. Would we have the type of community interaction that all of us have experienced anytime we all come together to celebrate our school? Would we give generously towards our mission of raising up children who think with excellence, believe with confidence, and live with character? Finally, would anybody brave the torrential downpours and actually show up?!

But God!

Every ounce of energy and attention I gave to that anxiety was a complete and glorious waste! Not only did you brave the storms and come together as a community in celebration, but then your generosity surpassed even our wildest dreams. I’m happy to report that we had gross receipts of $265,000, and have an estimated net of $220,000 – both of which are records! Wow.

I cannot begin to thank Lara Jacquot and Laura Parsons enough for taking the reins and creating an evening to remember. Working alongside the amazing Sue Hampel, they took on the challenge to do something we’ve never done before and put together an incredible night of fun, fellowship, and food. All in the middle of a pandemic! And thank you Watch Party Hosts for opening up your homes, all of the volunteers, and all of our families who donated items to make this auction the most successful in our history. During the auction, we had the opportunity to share some fantastic short videos that featured both students and parents. These videos will be highlighted on social media throughout the year, however, we wanted you to have access to them in case you missed them. Please click here to view our collection of student and parent videos.

In the midst of this chaotic and ever-changing season, I am grateful to link arms with you as we fix our gaze on our immovable and unshakable God. May you rest and savor these two priceless words: “But God”.

In Christ,


Matthew H. Skinner