President’s Post – September 2020

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Dear Heritage family,

There are moments in time that just feel bigger, more important, where the decisions made and actions taken have an exponential impact on the trajectory of a story: that moment you stand in front of family and friends and utter those two simple words, “I do”; the moment you hear the words “I’m pregnant”; the moment you decide to go to that college, take that job, move to that city. From those moments forward, your life’s story has fundamentally shifted.

Those moments are not just for people; they occur in the life of organizations as well. Heritage Preparatory School finds itself in that type of moment right now.

This moment has been twenty-two years in the making. The faithful prayers, the patient perseverance, and the generosity of a community determined to raise up a generation that thinks with excellence, believes with confidence, and lives with character have led us to this moment in time. Along the way, there have been starts and stops, frustration, and, if we really dig down deep, some fear and doubt.

But God is good, and His timing is always perfect. In the midst of waiting and wondering how this will all unfold, God has provided a way.

I am excited to officially announce Heritage Preparatory School’s Cornerstone Capital Campaign. The opportunity to purchase the former Rock Spring Presbyterian Church property will enable Heritage Prep to step into the long held vision for our school—to serve and prepare students throughout their entire Enrichment through Class 12 academic journey and fully realize the power of a classical and Christian education. The Cornerstone Capital Campaign gives us the opportunity to change the arc of the story of Heritage Preparatory School by investing in the creation of a permanent Upper School and enhancing our Lower School facilities.

Below you will find a link to a short video that gives you the story of how we find ourselves in this moment. Please take a moment to watch it and hear about the faithfulness of God’s hand on this school.

I look forward to meeting personally with each Heritage family to share more about the campaign and what it will mean for our community and invite you to join me for a personal tour of our future North Campus. You can select the date that works best for you HERE, and I’m hopeful that spouses can come together to experience this special place.

Today Heritage Prep stands on the shoulders of the visionaries before us who saw the need for a community of like-minded families committed to raising their children to be beacons of light in a dark world. Now, it is our turn to serve as the cornerstone for generations of Heritage students and families to come.

Please join us in praying for Heritage Prep and this ambitious effort. We look forward to this time of building together for our future.

In Christ,


Matthew H. Skinner